Re Roofs

Roof covering needs an overhaul to ensure it doesn't leak including attention to defective tiles.

The roof must be kept in good conditions in order for the property to remain weather-proof. Ineffective or improper covering would result to expensive and long repairs on the roof components if problems arise due to the increasing and inevitable damp conditions in the area.

This is why it is important to make it a habit to do regular check-up and maintenance of the roof to prolong its useful lifespan.  

There are several alternatives to extend the lifespan of the present roofing structure. However, there will come a time wherein it is already imperative to replace the roofing tiles. Why? Note that there are varying lifespans for different roofing system. Others last a hundred years while there also others that will only last for twenty years. This is largely attributed to the exposure to prevalent weather conditions in the area, the types of material, and the quality of workmanship.


This requires a chisel to remove the grout around the tiles to be replaced. Next, it will be followed by the removal of old tiles and then the clean-up of any tile residue or debris. Lumps of adhesives are also scraped off before putting up the new tiles.  


We then stick new tiles in place of the old ones using a strong adhesive and then left for a while to dry. 


With a variety of colour choices for the grout, choose one that matches the tiles and then apply when the adhesives in the roof tiles are completely dried up.  


Your gutters help protect your house. Leaving them unchecked or clogged up can cause serious damp problems which, if left for an extended period of time, could cost thousands of pounds to rectify!

There are so many benefits Dunns Roofing will check and clean your gutters and downpipes enabling rainwater to drain freely away protecting your home from damaging water splashes.


A good quality slate roof can be expected to last longer than most other roof coverings, typically they will last over 100 years if it doesn’t suffer any physical damage. However, time and weather will leave their mark on a slate roof and slates can become damaged or loose.

Damaged slates are usually due to the roof settling, frost or wind damage, or things falling onto them (this could be pieces of nearby trees). Usually such damage will be limited to an isolated slate, or possibly to a relatively small area of the roof.

To avoid lifting the surrounding slates too much, you will need to use a ‘slate ripper’ which can be pushed up between the slates to cut or pull out the fixing nails. Another great service we have to offer at Dunns Roofing.


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